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About Searchlight Interactive

Our mission is to provide professional search engine optimization, online marketing, Internet branding, and web development services at reasonable rates. All accounts will be directed by experienced staff and our work will be customized to meet the needs of each of our clients.

Expert Staff

We make it a practice of hiring seasoned professionals (at least five years of experience in their fields) to ensure that our customers receive the highest quality consultation and service available. Rest assured, unlike many of our competitors, there's no bait and switch, no "green" staff member making a mess out of your campaign, giving you bad advice, or worse yet, someone overseas with poor English skills that can only be reached after 10pm.

Operational Efficiency

We do not maintain a traditional office and the overhead that comes with it.
We are a network of employee/consultants. Our staff members primarily work from home offices and are connected via the latest Internet technologies.

We are a low-overhead, efficient and tech-savvy team and that flexibility allows us to adapt and react quickly to changing environments. While we encourage at least an initial client meeting, most of our work does not require meetings in-person. But we have team members in multiple states and can travel to your location for periodic face-to-face meetings if that is your preference.

Emergency Response Service

Due to the nature of our business, which includes website maintenance, we offer our clients the option of emergency call back service (or message receipt confirmation) 24 hours a day, seven days a week to ensure prompt action if a site goes offline, is hacked or experiences loss of functionality.

Billing & Fees

To avoid surprises and potential dissatisfaction, we do not work on an hourly basis. Our contracts are based on either monthly or project-based retainers.

We bill all expenses (travel, couriers, FedEx, etc.) at no agency markup. All expenses will be approved by our clients before they are incurred.

Advertising Commission

If we build, administer or implement an online paid advertising campaign, we charge an agency commission of 12% (15% is considered "standard" by traditional ad agencies).

Non-Compete Commitment

We will not work for a direct competitor of any of our current clients. We will not work for a direct competitor of any of our past clients within six months of termination of the relationship. We will receive permission from current clients before beginning work in any instance where there may be even the slightest possibility of a conflict.

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