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We are a group of employee consultants, working in different cities within the U.S.

We only hire experienced, talented staff to work on client accounts. Our account managers are based in the U.S., fluent in English, and are excellent communicators. Most of us have a strong background in related fields such as public relations, media relations, advertising and offline marketing. We believe hiring seasoned team members with such a background ensures the ability to view accounts from a "bigger picture" and multi-faceted perspective.

Our account managers are all well-versed in SEO/SEM and Internet marketing, but we are a collaborative team and as such, it is quite common for us to brainstorm on approach & execution and bring one another in on particular aspects of our work to best utilize niche talent and experience.

If you're interested in becoming part of our team, please send your resume to messages(atsymbol)searchlightinteractive.com and tell us about your goals and experience.


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