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SEM Case Study: Acquisition Experts


old website designers
Old web site design

Florida business broker Acquisition Experts was receiving minimal traffic to its website and the site did not rank for any key phrases.

Searchlight Interactive analyzed the website and determined the root of the problem was the site design and coding methodology. The methods used were not SEO-friendly and the site architecture and content needed complete reworking before the site could be expected to receive traffic from organic search results.

Approach (site redesign and SEO)

Acquisition Experts followed our recommendation for a complete site redesign and during that process, several server issues were addressed. Our approach was straightforward, fix the problems with the site through a new design, valid coding. This included building seo-friendly navigation, conducting extensive SEO research and analysis of the market, reorganizing and and adding content to receive organic search traffic, fixing search engine indexing problems and listing the site in appropriate directories.


new website designers
New web design

The old site had many problems and remained in Google's "sand box" for some time. After redesign, the site came out of the box and the old pages were removed from the various indices, site ranking has steadily improved and at the time this was written, it has top 10 rankings for 15 phrases and top 20 for dozens more.

More than 90 percent of their web traffic now comes from organic search engine results, including 63% from Google.

Monthly unique visitors to the site have quadrupled since our involvement

The number of unique monthly visitors to the site has quadrupled since our involvement (340 in September 06 to 1390 in January 08). Searchlight Interactive will soon begin a Cost per Click ad campaign for Acquisition Experts to further drive traffic to their site.

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