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Online Branding & Building Brand Awareness on the Web

Searchlight Interactive, LLC offers online branding and marketing services beyond SEO/SEM. While several companies and organizations have been successful in building brand on a shoestring budget, the commonality among them is a moment of brilliance (or more often sheer luck).

Make no mistake about it, building a buzz/awareness on the Internet has zipped right past the "build it and they will come" days to jockeying for visibility among the millions of website out there. While we consider search engine ranking the cornerstone to online branding and marketing, there are almost an infinite number of other resources capable of increasing traffic to your site and visibility.

Searchlight Interactive, LLC will analyze your business, get to know your model of operation, learn and discover growth areas, and craft a "big picture" branding approach. There are many tools at our disposal and experience has taught us which are more or less likely to be of use to achieve your particular goals.

We will spend some time analyzing whether the use of video, audio, email, embedded messaging, advergames and social networking make sense for your business. If so, we will build and present a web branding approach that fits your budget and schedule.


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We'll help determine whether a web branding campaign makes sense for you

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