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SEO: Phase 1 - Competitive Analysis, Online Market Evaluation & Keyword Research

During the first phase in our SEO process, the Searchlight Interactive team will analyze your market, identify online competition, perform keyword research and help clearly define SEO objectives. Defining objectives may sound simple and obvious, but a goal like, "we want more business through the Internet" sounds nice, but it needs to be honed further before we can craft SEO strategy.

Competitive Analysis/Market Evaluation

We have the tools and experience necessary to identify online competition and conduct a thorough competitive analysis, but a market evaluation with your collaboration is essential, particularly under the assumption you have some unique insight and experience in your field. Working with your staff, we will have many questions for you specific to your business, but below you will find a few general questions to consider.

  • Do you have any competitive advantages in your marketplace?
  • Who do you see as your main competitors (both online/offline) and why?
  • Are there particular areas or segments of your business that you would like us to target during these efforts?
  • Do you have/have you had online or offline advertising or marketing programs? Were they successful? Why/why not?

Keyword Research

Searchlight Interactive will conduct complete keyword research and analysis for both organic search results and paid keywords and phrases. We use search volume and trending data (if available) to provide the foundation for keyword choice and SEO direction.

We present all of our SEO clients with a report and visuals that map out priority site pages and which keywords we will target for each of those pages. In many cases, we recommend creating new content or reorganizing content to maximize page effectiveness.


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