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SEO: Phase II - Site Analysis & Optimization

Phase II of our SEO process really gets to the heart of search engine optimization. Our experienced team will evaluate overall site and page-level code and content. Some of the key elements we evaluate are listed below.

Based on goals set during the online market evaluation phase and taking into consideration time and budget, we will either advise your staff or implement the changes (depending on the arrangement) necessary to best align site content and SEO goals.

Site elements

  1. Structure/code health (does it validate, is it mean and lean or bloated with extra code, large files, etc.)
  2. Overall content and file location/linking hierarchy
  3. Navigation methodology, internal links
  4. Search engine index status
  5. Inbound link quality and quantity
  6. Host check

Page-level elements

  1. Page structure and design
  2. Information hierarchy
  3. Content to keyword ratio (keyword density)
  4. Optimal use of tags, coding, anchor text
  5. Content depth, readability and organization


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