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SEO: Phase III - Tracking, Analytics, Reporting, & Improving

Key to any SEO campaign is basically what we call the tweaking and reevaluation phase. The search engines are under no obligation to re-index all of those important changes made during the site analysis and optimization phase. And often they are slow to register changes. Sometimes many months go by before the effects of SEO are fully realized. Frequently we manually submit and remove urls with specific engines to correct and update their indices.

Several months of tracking, reporting and improving your SEO efforts is essential. We monitor your site traffic, rankings across the top general search engines and vertical search engines of significance. Once rankings have stabilized, we will work to improve any unsatisfactory rankings.

It is important to remember that SEO is a process, so your page and site rankings should improve in some areas and others will need more help. That is the nature of the business. While Phase III is underway, it is the perfect time to focus on link building services.




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