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Our senior staff is to put it kindly, a bit "long in the tooth" when it comes to web development. Searchlight Interactive, LLC's founder created his first website in 1994, a time when the World Wide Web was truly in its infancy (see flashback below). Yes, we know, Al Gore created the Internet quite some time before that ; ) but the truth is that before the early 1990s, there was no graphic user interface for websites. In other words, the Internet was…all words. We were there when html standards, screen technology and modem speed made it just barely possible to have limited "visual" websites. It was an exciting time for designers and techies alike. Gradually all advanced enough and became pervasive enough to reach mainstream consumers.

Web Development

Our staff members have designed, developed or project managed dozens of websites over the years. Our in-house web site development capabilities include html, css, asp, sql and flash and we outsource other programming and web development when needed. We are versatile in terms of web design process, having built web sites in straight html and using industry standard programs—FrontPage (Now Expression Web) and Dreamweaver (our website design program of choice)—to allow our clients to maintain sites internally when requested.

Web Site Design Flashback

Think 1993, hypertext (the ability to jump from one point in a document to another) was all the buzz. No longer did you have to read something in a linear fashion, as prescribed by the author or organizer of the publication. If a word or concept interested you and it was coded in hypertext (now what is called a link), on a web page, you could dive down into deeper detail or switch topics entirely. It was an incredible leap in technology.

Back then, web design meant colored text and the infamous "blink" text attribute came into being. The first widely available browser, Netscape was distributed. You could now include images in your html pages, use colors for design and emphasis (well, 216 colors). Then progression slowed a bit due to hardware limitations. Mainly connection speed. It was not uncommon to sit there for 10 minutes while your 9600bps modem downloaded a single image. But, it was quite the step up from the days of the 2400bps modems: the old come back in a few hours and wait for your compiler results. As monitor quality and processing capabilities improved, and Internet connection speeds quickened, html standards were set that allowed for more colorful and capable presentation of information. The Web was born and the rest is history, and many, including us, believe it is the most significant revolution in the history of mankind. And to think, we were there to see it happen!

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